The Project

Some time in the early twenties, DaDa poet Tristan Tzara invented „cut up“ poetry by cutting his own poems into pieces, putting the pieces into a hat and reading them out in front of a public theatre by randomly drawing the word-pieces out of the hat. The reaction of the parisiens at that times is said to be kind of outraged – attacking the author because of his approach to rewrite his poems without full control. A famous work of poetry using a pre-cut up- editing technique (at least it is said so) is „The Waste Land“ by T.S. Eliot

The „cut up“ technique as it is most widely known was invented some decades later (in the late 50ies probably) by canadian author and painter Brion Gysin. During his stay in the „Beat Hotel“ in Paris with William S. Burroughs they both experimented with cut-up, which would later lead to Burroughs becoming the most famous cut-up poet up to today, including the cut-up novels of „The Nova Trilogy„.

Following the pricipal of cutting and using pre-existent written works to remix into new autonomic works of poetry, this project wants to establish a database of poems created by using the same „Drill“ given by the initiator, that mixes randomness with subjectivity and the process of reassembling.

The Drill (also have a look at the Drill site):


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